◼︎名 称 :Name


Bio-Jupiter DS400 (deodorant element)

◼︎用 途 Applications:  


Manufacture of deodorant solutions (deodorant elements), deodorant measures in general, removal of drain pipe sediments, mold prevention, air purification


◼︎効 果 :effect

・消臭(アンモニア、アセトン、ピリジン、トリメチルアミン、アセトアルデヒド、トルエン、スチレン) ・防カビ(カビの細胞膜の合成を阻害する)

・Deodorization (ammonia, acetone, pyridine, trimethylamine, acetaldehyde, toluene, styrene)

・Fungus control (inhibits synthesis of mold cell membrane)
・Antimicrobial (inhibits harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus)
・Stripping (removes sediments from drainage pipes)

◼︎形 状 :shape 


Viscous ochre liquid 

◼︎成 分  :Composition

液体ゼオライト・複合微生物群・複合酵素・細胞分裂阻害成分 1原液を水で400倍希釈して消臭液を製造します。

Liquid zeolite, complex microorganisms, complex enzymes, and cell division inhibitory ingredients 1 undiluted solution is diluted 400 times with water to produce a deodorant solution.

◼︎使用方法 :How to use




Spray the deodorant solution directly on the place where odor is generated.

<Odor measurement results>

How to make deodorant and results of use 


◼︎製品情報 :Product Information


Types of odors that are effective
・ペットの糞尿の臭い ・カビの臭い ・カニ、エビなど魚介類の臭い ・腐敗臭 ・排水管の臭い ・腐ったアミエビの臭い ・タバコの臭い ・汗の臭い ・靴の中の臭い ・足の臭い ・衣服に染みついた臭い ・焦げた臭い

Smell of pet feces and urine - Smell of mold - Smell of crab, shrimp, and other seafood - Smell of decay - Smell of drains - Smell of rotten mysid shrimp - Smell of cigarettes - Smell of sweat - Smell of shoes - Smell of feet - Smell of stains on clothes - Smell of burnt smell

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